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Senior Wellness

Broome County’s overall population is estimated to be 193,639 as of July 1, 2017. Those 65 and older represent 18.6% of that number, or 36,017. [1] In general we can assume, Broome’s senior population wellness statistics are comparable to the national  averages. The National Council on Aging (NOCA) offers the following statistics. [2]

Nationwide chronic disease, such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer and stroke, is a serious concern for seniors. Roughly 80% of seniors live with at least one chronic disease while approximately 77% struggle with at least two.

Among seniors 60 and older, 23% suffer from, diabetes. For those 55 and older, 90% are at risk for high blood pressure. For women 65 and up 50% will develop the disease and by 75, that number reaches 77%. Comparatively, 64% of males at 75+ will be diagnosed with the disease.

Falls are a serious problem for older adults. Across the US, one adult dies every 19 minutes from a fall. Falls are the leading cause of trauma and fractures.

One quarter of seniors suffer from mental challenges including anxiety, depression and dementia and that number is on the rise. Two thirds of these individuals do not receive assistance for their condition. Substance abuse is an increasing problem.

And a shocking number for anyone to consider is that people 85 and older have the highest suicide rate of any age group in the United States. White men in this group are six times more likely to take their own life than any other segment of the population.