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Are feeding a colony? We invite you to become a research contributor! The knowledge you have about the cats you are seeing and caring for can help this project and ultimately help reduce the stray population.

Sauftt Environmental Feline Population Reduction Project

PopuR is research project focused on the feral and stray population of cats in Broome County, NY. If you live in some of the more populated areas of Broome County, it is probably obvious to you that there are a lot of cats roaming free outdoors. Domestic cats are an invasive species and cause a fair amount of havoc on the environment. At the same time, these cats are in grave danger themselves. On average their lifespans are far shorter than that of indoor-only cats. They face predators, vehicles, disease, starvation and weather hazards.

Without making observations and collecting data there is no way to reasonably quantify the existing problem or to measure improvements. We are developing a database of information for this purpose and we will be sharing data and findings with interested local agencies.

Our strategic planning for population reduction is based on a multifaceted approach, which  includes cooperating with local shelters and veterinary clinics. As this project evolves, our education programs to discourage the free-roaming of pets, our senior fostering network, assisted catio (cat + secure enclosed patio) building projects, spay/neutering support, and increasing the identification of lost pets for safe return to their homes, will be evaluated qualitatively and statistically for their effectiveness.