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Cat (vs. Dog) Household DEMOGRAPHICS

American Veterinary Medical Association [1] is the source of the following statistics on cat and dog households. We do not currently have statistics specific to our area.

About 60% of U.S. pet owners feel that their pets are family members.

Nationwide, 36.5% of  households have dogs and 30.4% have cats. Of course, many have both. However, on average dog homes have 1.6 dogs compared to cat homes which have 2.1 cats; i.e. cat homes tend toward multiple cats, whereas dogs are typically singles.

Dogs tend to get more veterinary care than cats, having 2.6 medical visits per year to 1.6 for cat and dog owners pay about double for their pets veterinarian care ($227) than do cat owners ($90). Over the course of a year cat households spend less for vet care ($191-for more cats) than dog households ($378-for one).